Valkyrae reacts to the among us Choose your character -

Valkyrae reacts to the among us Choose your character

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  1. 3:59Is anyone else gonna talk about "Head of the bingus fan club"which is true

  2. is the video she reacted to on youtube? i wanna save it 💅

  3. Is no one gonna talk about “its John, in a thong”

  4. Choose your character.. Hmm, i would pick Sykkuno because my playstyle is similar to him.

  5. I've never been to reddit but for Rae's subreddit I just might

  6. Why's Toast's task speed is greater than Sykkuno's and Corpse's

  7. To be honest I am most likely to play as rae in among us

  8. Bro I laughed way too much at that first post. I’m going to hell, and not even they will want to take me 😭

  9. for anyone wondering high volatility is essentially just switching up really fast, high volatility=low predictability. "where are we going, corpse?" "straight to hell buddy" is high volatility

  10. whoa whoa whoa im watching this again in 2021 after the daywalker mv and at 1:06 THE CHAIR AND RAE WHAT

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