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Undertale – Megalovania but with Among Us Noises

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Thumbnail Among Us Sans art:

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Among Us currently is taking the world by storm right now, and so are both of my Megalovania videos. So, I decided to mix them both together to make the ultimate piece of content. This took way too long to plan, compose, record, and edit, so I hope you enjoy this remake of Megalovania by Toby Fox with Among Us sounds! 💀

By the way if you’re confused and/or curious about any of the fancy musical words that I use in my videos, here’s my own homemade definitions that I whipped up just for you:
• Equalisation/EQ – the process of changing the balance of frequencies in a sample of audio. I basically use it to bring out certain frequencies or get rid of the high or low ends of a sound.
• Frequency – the pitch of a note basically. A bassy note would have a low frequency, and a note with more treble would have a high frequency.
• Harmony – multiple melodies or notes going on at once to make music sound more full and epic.
• High-pass filter – an audio filter that gets rid of low frequencies and allows higher ones to be heard more.
• Low-pass filter – the opposite of a high-pass filter.
• Melody – a passage of musical notes that is usually the most obvious thing you hear in a piece of music.
• Melodic – a sound that can be used as a melody I guess.
• Noise – static sounding stuff in an audio clip basically.
• Percussion – drums, tambourines, cymbals, cowbells. All that jazz.
• Reverb – the effect of making a sound ring out longer. Imagine being in a massive hall and shouting. When you hear you voice linger in the air, that’s reverb.
• Sustain – when a note is held for a while, kinda like reverb but not an echo

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  1. The meeting timer keeps having a seizure

  2. I don't feel okay. I woke up with horrible throat pain and I choked on an offbrand fanta

  3. When you get in a fight with a imposter but the imposter is sans

  4. don't mind me, just hiding in the comment section. not sus at all.

  5. Pls make the among us drip song with among us noises

  6. I’ve grown to hate Among Us
    I’ve grown to hate Megalovania

    But this…

  7. Song that might play when the impostor is sans

  8. This song that’s somehow always popular. That was the funniest way to say it, but you’re not wrong.

  9. i looked this up for the memes but this is just genuinely impressive

  10. the snare is funny how the dead body doesn't fall

  11. Buenardo aunque se que no vas a entender mi comentario good 🙂

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