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Tusk Act 1-4 Among Us Animation

Ian Anims
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It’s been 5 months… Now that’s a record
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I do not know how y’all feel about this video but I really did try my best to make this. The animation is still pretty easy to do, the only thing I keep on struggling with is editing the sounds, basically, I’m a total amateur when it comes to editing but don’t worry I’ll improve for y’all!!

If you’re wondering why some of these are fast, well that’s because I found out that johnny can only use one golden spin/rectangle at a time (Maybe one per nail or hand) so I find it hard to make the animation last a little longer and about the blood… I really don’t want to get age restricted 🙁 and btw thank you for those who told me about tusk’s abilities!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
I hope all of you had a nice and bizarre day!

I do not own Among Us Or JJBA
Please go ahead and support both of them!

Juicy Sound Effects used:

Tusk Stand Sound Profile (GoneWelp):

Revolver Sounds (Sintonizar Productions)

Tusk Sound Design Concept (Jojo’s Bizarre Sound Design):

^^Tusk Act 4 Beatdown^^
D4C Sound Design Concept

Voice lines and others are from the game (JJBA All Star Battle)

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  1. thats was good the nail shot animation is so good

  2. Bro this animation is so cool and its among us styled so cool.

  3. When Valentine yelled dojiaaan I felt like he should’ve had wine in the one hand while his gun was in the other

  4. u known your animation remind me someone alan becker

  5. "When I get to act 4, I'll Beat You down for sure!" -Johnny Joestar ig

  6. I love how there is just a pause as valentine just looks at tusk then he gets beaten up

  7. How do people know their skills/attacks when the anime or manga didn’t even come out yet?

  8. multiple funny valentines died in the making of this video

  9. розовый шкаф в 200 метрах от вас хочет серьёзных отношений

  10. This video is so cool now this made me subscribe to this channel

  11. I like how Jesus is there to tell him to shoot him self

  12. I completely forgot this was an amongus animation

  13. I get that it's hahah funny amogus but this was cooler than almost every other animation i've seen on this platform, genuine care and effort, I can do nothing but applaude.

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