There Is Confusion Among Us -

There Is Confusion Among Us

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blue is sus no not that blue the blue blue

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There Is Confusion Among Us

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  1. Smii7ys version was better because it was varied however you still made it just as funny

  2. Everyone already confused
    "okay I'll be honest I did it"
    "Who the fuck are you"

  3. 0:59

    No actually 52.7 is the percent of people NOT subscribed.

    But subscribe (to charlie) anyways because this channel is very pog.

  4. A child amber alert happened as you were doing the news joke part and I actually thought for a second that was just a part of the joke

  5. He read the subscribe numbers wrong you said 52.7 were subbed but it’s 47

  6. you all should play with seigi again ive been periodically watching him for years and my god he's so fucking funny

  7. `''mmMmmMM BaBbabABABabABaba''
    – Charlie Slimecicle.`

  8. Guys. Pretty sure I saw a color kill a color and pretty sure a color is impostor.

  9. You can see the scat coming from the first 5 sec in the video

  10. Slimecicle is both the best imposter and crew mate, he is truly big brain.

  11. Seigi sounds like markiplier when he talks into the mic

  12. Siege could do a perfect Christopher judge kratos impression

  13. 30:32 if only they made the names go in the opposite order of the colors. Then that would be true perfection.

  14. This video is so funny that there are no dislikes.

    1 mill views and no dislikes is actually very impressive…

  15. 13:38
    In that situation, it made the most sense for Slime to frame Condi since confirming ejections was on, so getting Macro and Slime ejected by Condi would prove both were imposters. So the morale of the story is betray your allies for your own monetary gain.

    It's also funny that Condi got Slime killed anyways, so he fucked up their game twice.

  16. Once I got kicked from a discord server for saying among us

  17. It took me a solid half hour to figure out what was happening with the thumbnail. I am colourblind and had to ask my friend. Twas not a good situation.

  18. I’ve never been so calm while someone has told me to subscribe

  19. Bro, does this video make sense to colorblind people?

  20. "So they were dancing in electrical where the body was found?"

  21. Yo, if I was playing with Seigi, I would voice act a very high pitched voice, just to f**k with everyone

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