The Weird Crewmates On The Spaceship - Comic Snippets | Among Us Comic Dub -

The Weird Crewmates On The Spaceship – Comic Snippets | Among Us Comic Dub

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Do you have some weird crewmates in your team that just talk nonsense… or are just weird in general?

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☆@Miss Shellah as Pink, Red

☆Me as Cyan, Yellow
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  1. The impostor be like: What For this guy ._.?

  2. *looks at cyan* even know your dead…. *aims 1911 at him and shoots him* to make it better! *GRABS A F###ING 50.CAL*

  3. Orange likes aliens and believes aliens

  4. هبانقةبظ😇😈😢❤️🤭🤔👼🌹👩‍🎓🌹

  5. Me:OO~ he hear for that thung*joking aroud* 1:12

    also Me: i see my hunch was correct. 1:17

  6. orange: wanna make out a little? heh..

    black: wtf is wrong with you dude

  7. Pink in the first comic was like
    "I'm making a real task being the impostor"

  8. О это я березовый как мила♡

  9. Bruh the last one is just my life with my friends flirting with everyone body else in the friend group😂😂😂good job tho! Love your videos! Keep up the good work!

  10. this video really takes the cake for the word weird

  11. it was cut at first but then when i got to the end i was like : how the #### did he not die? what da ####?…but it is still cute and funny 🙂

  12. Crewmate:wanna Make out
    Me:OH MY GOD!

  13. Well somebody's interested in finding out wat dat mouf do.

  14. just ship blue and purple but dont ship blue with cyan

    why did I say that

  15. Cyan looks dum saying "NYAH" and pink don't understand what's cyan saying and nobody cares about cyan's cat ear.

    00:15 I had to cringe so much doing that xD

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