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Sidemen React to Among Us Animation 3

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  1. I love how precious tobis laugh is at the dance drug bit. It honestly makes me smile so much😊

  2. Jj needs to take a brake man, must be very tiresome juggling YouTube and music

  3. KSI started dozing off after they showed the shag doll thing, maybe something happened with him and his girl in real life

  4. That button thing jj did was get hyper lmao, listen to it and you’ll see

  5. Everyone: whats going on with JJ
    JJ: Bro I'm fine im just chilling
    In JJ's mind: Bitch I'm higher than the street lights….


  6. This guy has a #2 album; yet he goes missing like a little kid

    JJ proceeds to turn on camera lmao

  7. This videos proofs that harry and jj have iq above 25

  8. I am so disapointed that jj slept, it think he would have lought alot !

  9. I just love how JJ’s just taking a nap while the other’s are just reacting to the video

  10. JJ dozing
    Wakes up and then see two of him on the screen
    Says : yay its two of me
    And goes back to sleep

  11. I’ve just realised cod zombies effects go so damn well other things

  12. i like how jj tries to get away with falling asleep when hes on camera

  13. Can anyone tell me where Harry saying " come on let's fucking " is from ??

  14. JJ: I’m just watching
    Everyone: no ur not ur sleeping

  15. Alternate Title: “JJ falling asleep, whilst the rest of the sidemen are laughing”.

  16. Someone needs to count how many words JJ said this entire video

  17. Very very weird how different everyone treats particular members of the sidemen. When they’re slacking off… weird ass people you are

  18. So when Ethan's grandad died and he was on his phone in a vid everyone slaughtered him in the comments. But JJ sleeps in a video because he's stressed and everyone is suddenly sympathetic.

  19. I wish people in the comments would stop their internet ego and realize JJ is HUMAN!!!!! I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to fall asleep but he’s busy in his personal life too…everyone in the comments pretending like they’ve never been sleepy while trying to fight and stay up to continue enjoying something

  20. So i didn’t notice jj turning off the camera until this clip when crewmate tobi released that jj wasn’t there at 11:23 and I check on real jj he wasn’t there either, 😂 now I don’t know how sidemen does that every time they don’t intent to be funny or weird it’s just in their blood

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