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One of us on board is a imposter… we have to figure out who it is.
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  1. When someone’s user name has your name in it my name is raya

  2. The way draco runs from black and screams lol

  3. Why is funneh faking the same task over and over again lol😂😅🤣😆😁

  4. ShiningOracle Is the person who made their roblox family Playlist in order

  5. Draco: it's funneh!
    Funneh:sgut uo😭

  6. i knew it was lunar bc she said why black and that sus

  7. The way lunar died in the first round🙈✨😂

  8. grey being with all of them plus funneh: literally funneh after : HOOOO GREY WASNT HERE

  9. can we just appreciate that the first round it was funneh and rainbow the cotton candy team!

  10. It's ShiningOracle from the sacrifice game they played!

  11. Funny is imposter and rainbow is the imposter toin the next round and posture will be in the next round is getting revealed that later before when is done

  12. Nobody:
    Not even Draco fr. saving papa:

    Round 1

    12 minuits of Rainbow/Pink and Funneh/Blue as imp

  13. Funniest don't posture
    It's nice I'm not the luckiest guy

  14. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎why vote drafo

  15. wait did anybody notice that the colour red was called 'shiningoracle' from sacrifice sanctuary???

  16. Me: saw a user called ShiningOracal
    Me:*having flashback*

  17. Funneh and rainbow are such good actresses they make a perfect team ♥️💙

  18. Nobody:
    Literally not a fly:
    Draco: i think it’s funneh
    Funneh: sgut uo😭😭

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