Red x Pink Imposter love Story part 1 | Among Us Comic Dub -

Red x Pink Imposter love Story part 1 | Among Us Comic Dub

Falcus Comic Dub
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True Love Imposter Love ( Among Us Comic Dub )

The Imposter Trap (Among Us Comic Dub
love Story Among us Comic Dub

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Script writer – Eli

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  1. wait im red in among us wtf and pink always follows me when im imp

  2. Lol imagine the ejected imposter partner just watching these two vibe in the ship

  3. I thought that the one that said flirting whir the imposter whas the first

  4. Shit I forgot about the price tag and black x pink cuz I told you problem solviner was the Jerusalem post for orange

  5. Pink is sleepy red to killed pink but
    Pink:!!! You to go sleepy???


  7. Pink when she's not sing: 😆,. Pink when singing: 😐

  8. Note to self
    Dont act friendly to a girl if you are the impostor or else you'll fall

  9. I am so cringing rn at the artstyle and story😐

  10. among us red x pink like

  11. why the heck is the majority of this channel really creepy- uh- idek what they are

  12. Who else is watching this again in 2022 because it randomly popped into their mind?

  13. bruh I remembered this from a loooooooong time again

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