Nerf War: Freddy Is The Imposter | Among Us In Real Life -

Nerf War: Freddy Is The Imposter | Among Us In Real Life

Twin Toys
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In this wild family nerf battle, Eli, Liam and Dad are faced off with the another 2021 horror following their encounter with Siren Head, Light Head, Cartoon Cat and Cartoon Dog, but this time the Among Us Crew showed up because an Impostor showed up at our house and it could be any one of them. We grabbed Nerf guns and paired up to try and find this Impostor, but little did we know that the Impostor was one of the Among Us Crewmates. Liam was in trouble and hit the emergency button but it was too late and when we showed up to save him we realized the Blue Among Us Crewmate was not a Crewmate at all, but instead Freddy Fazbear. Will the Among Us Crew help us the next time a monster appears at our house? Wonder what 2021 monster will pay a visit next?

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