More Smokey Lies in Among Us #Shorts -

More Smokey Lies in Among Us #Shorts

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It is I, The Irish guy. Hello there I am Smokeyirish a content creator who mostly streams on Twitch. I stream quite a lot so it shouldn’t be hard to catch one of my streams. I stream a very large variety of games. I mostly focus on multiplayer games that I can play with my friends or new friends I make when streaming, so if you want someone to play games with my stream is the place for you. It’s hard for me to say all the multiplayer games I stream because there is so many so instead I’ll tell you a few of my favourites & what I’m currently streaming right now. My favourite game is Minecraft, I don’t get as much time to play it as I would like but I love it! I am currently playing Dead By Daylight on stream a lot, I’m kind of new to the game & I’m having a lot of fun.

Make sure you go to my Twitch link & follow my stream so you get notified when I go live. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel I’m new here & could do with the love!

These videos are reuploads of my TikTok content. I’m not sure about the TikityToks I don’t trust them so I want somewhere safe for my content to live.

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I really love streaming & it would be my dream to grow my youtube & Twitch channel large enough to make a full time income. I don’t expect anyone to give me money just help me grow so I can get some sponsorship money.

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