Making Realistic Among us Impostor Kill Sculpture Timelapse -

Making Realistic Among us Impostor Kill Sculpture Timelapse

YH Figure maker
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This is the process video of 1: 6 scale head sculpt that I have done sculpting and painting.

Timelapse sculpting and painting of game Among us Impostor kill.
Emergency Meeting

3D modeling and 3d printing for figure making.
You can also see painting progress.
Thank you for watching 🙂

3D modeling – Zbrush
Paint- Enamel paint
Air brush -Kida 0.3mm
3D printer – Phrozen sonic mini 4k and Phrozen sonic mini

Sonic Mini:

Sonic Mini 4K:

Aqua-Gray 4K Resin:

Music ➜

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  1. This is nightmare fuel when there's a realistic among us that's very spooky and it has very terrifying looks to it well done making this creation here's a like on your video by me and I have subscribed to your channel your the awesome youtuber and creator ever ✨😁👍✨ and also awesome video

  2. Hello! Congrats on this amazing sculpture, ive been here since Youve been making these among us sculptures but I forgot about you and now you are doing Friday night funkin sculptures, congrats

  3. make bendy please hes the coolest fnf charecter and make indie cross

  4. No matter how realistic they are, they will never have arms

  5. This looks very realistic!!good job!<(•‿•)

  6. This must've taken you so much time to make. You did a really good job designing these!

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