Making Among Us with Clay but Among Us is a Captain America / Polymer Clay -

Making Among Us with Clay but Among Us is a Captain America / Polymer Clay

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How to make among us but it’s Captain America with polymer clay !
Polymer Clay tutorial:
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This is a funny story about the characters Among Us Animation. The content is based on the game Among Us about Captain America Marvel concept. With a fan Among Us, we hope to bring excitement to you.

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  1. Cette capacité à recréer ces scènes av des personnages en polymer à l identique c'est un don merveilleux que j aurais adoré posséder !!! Bravo l artiste

  2. I'd love to see Korean Japanese flavored food! I love the cross cultural flavors, they make my record go round and round

  3. It looks good I was laughing at how cute and funny the sound effects were

  4. 너의 영상도 좋지만 더 잘 먹게 해줘

  5. Всем привет! У меня новая диета в голове сложилась,когда хочешь похудеть ,надо смотреть эту передачу!

  6. 구독자 분들 많이 사 주셔서 너무 감동 받았어요😭

  7. Why have so many people disliked this? This is the cutest thing Ive ever seen

  8. 너무 깨끗해서 보기에도 안심되고,진짜 맛있겠다

  9. I love you. i like and a relax when i see you😍

  10. Oh my goddd .. This looks so delicious. I can't wait to try it! Thank you, uploader!

  11. His skills are fascinating to watch and the variety is mind blowing.

  12. I love these ASMR vibe cooking videos. Sounds so satisfying.

  13. Can you make steak? Medium rare? or normal pls, anything is good!

  14. Is it wrong to say that I'm in love? Honestly, they had me the moment they put all that butter on the buns.

  15. I love that the oil is clear, not black! Must be delicious fried rice.

  16. i like how he gently stir the fried egg then he just toss the rice like, 'get in there you'

  17. Imagine if u feed this to ur pets (tiny pets only) 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Is it just me, or do these videos make me incredibly happy.

  19. That squid just had a new life in the ocean and now is forced to breathe in air

  20. 이라크에서 온 여러분을 맞이하는 나의 인사

  21. 한국에 갈 수만 있다면 거기서 모든 음식을 먹고 싶어요:{

  22. it's really wrong to watch this when you're on a diet. 🤣😅

  23. I just watched a few of your other videos, but this one here is on another level. You are getting better for sure!! Amazing work!!

  24. 너무 행복해진다. 정말 선물같은 채널..

  25. как все аппетитно !!!!!! хочу все попробовать !!!!! слюнки текут

  26. I feel like this could be an ASMR channel.. so relaxing ;

  27. i got so hungry seeing all the delicious foods

  28. Your videos are very relaxing to watch

  29. "今も見てるけど思うわ。

  30. I counted at least 5 times I swallowed the non-existent giant takoyaki in my mouth the first few minutes of the video. I need to go to Korea just to eat those.

  31. There are many shops. Look at the long style. I like it.

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