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I found among us (animation meme) #shorts

Avery Animations
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  1. Yeah well I am among us

    And my ocs are strong

    Oh heck one of them is even a darn king

  2. A░m░o░n░g░ ░u░s░

  3. Your new profile pic inspired me to change mine for each holiday! ❤ thank you!

  4. I like the part where its a little copied by nutshell animations and they both dance but treat each other wrongly 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Avery the crewmate is a among us good can complete the tasks and ejetect the impostor the impostor kill all crews and sabotage and use the vents the enirger can complete the tasks and use the vents to explian the impostor the scient can explain the dead and impostor the angel Guardian can protect the crew with the imposter the shapeshiter can trasform into a crew with kill all can you can eject the crew can the shapeshiter crew can pass a error ejecting the crew that are roles of crew of impostor

  6. ❤🎉😊❤🎉😊❤🎉😊❤🎉😊❤🎉😊

  7. Your handle says you dont post inapropriet content and your drawing blood? WOW

  8. Avery:there is no inappropriate comment on this Channel
    Also Avery:proceeds to include blood

  9. Nah the dancing part got me up in a Jurassic hurricane

  10. Pp how do you kill the one among some pasta and won't do nothing to you I will not kill you eternity the kumite😊

  11. P fungus amungus imposter won't hurt you and I will kill you on the manga Cecilia what killing his

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