I didn't know my 10 y/o Nephew got BETTER THAN ME | drawing Among Us - part 2 - amongus.gallery

I didn’t know my 10 y/o Nephew got BETTER THAN ME | drawing Among Us – part 2

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My 10 y/o Nephew is actually better than me :O this is part 2 – my side 😉

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  1. it is not surprising that you are better, you not only drew with some pencils, but also with felt-tip pens

  2. your 10 years nephew is winner because you colour is nice but your glass colour is not nice but your body colour is nice and your nephew glass
    colour is very I am sorry because I am not talk you are win

  3. Mom like ur art and grandmaternalmother ur nephew

  4. Newphew wins this round!

  5. Both are best but your nephew was 10 years old has a good painting ur real estic

  6. Ik doe het je niet na😂❤ wel super mooi 👍🏻 ❤

  7. Your brother winner🎉!!! Again!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  8. KA prat tiga lagi dong danlanjutan nya dong plis😊

  9. You got waaaay better supplies he would cook you with those markers

  10. You……………………………….



  11. His 10yr old nephew colors way better than I do! 😢✍🏾

  12. For being a 10 yr old i can say that he draws very good

  13. He did cheating with his nephew he didn't give him brush pen but he is using that

  14. Your 10 y/o nephew did better ig (just being nice okay?)

  15. 😮❤😊😇🙏🦋🧸🥰

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