Humans Among Us [animation] -

Humans Among Us [animation]

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The crewmates surfed the internet
and found fanart… Red liked it.

Game: Among Us
Music: Youtube Library
Comic: by me

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  1. Whenever I search up Among Us, I only find images for another game called "The Wolf Among Us"

  2. .  。    •   ゚  。

      .   .    .   .     。   。 .

     .   。  ඞ 。  . •

    • White was an impostor

    . 0 impostor remains 。 .

        。       ゚   .    .

  3. purple: looks up rule 34*
    red walks into room*
    purple types among us on rule 34*
    red look at purples laptop*
    purple and red: OH HELL NAH

  4. wait why does red have a comb if he's bald
    oh wait,

    it's just a twist

  5. I made clay among us characters,These made meh night :3

  6. Red needs to be in an ‘I am the man’ Meme.

  7. Why do i get notification but i didnt sub…..maybe God is telling me too sub to you-

  8. When you got the imposter role 10 rounds in a row:

  9. Me: "search among us arts"
    Internet: how about wolf among us?

  10. There's a random thought that popped into my head while watching this.

    That thought was: "I wonder if the people in the international space station are enemies with these colorful jellybeans.."

  11. It's not a comic it's almost like an ANIMATION.

  12. I wanna know if you'll be doing any agent 3 x 8 comics anymore

  13. The game:simple art ideas
    The fanart: Can make even the simplest ideas such as urself be so beautiful and handsome even the imposters are getting some of this fanart as well.

  14. I really thought they would discover the… Dark side of it

  15. No one:
    The artist: yep, not enough watermark lets put a whole more

  16. Um Um, Don't search up Among Us Fanart, some of the images are


  18. Is it me? Or the song keeps saying y-you are stylish?

  19. Now do it when they stumble upon Rule 34.
    Bonus Points: Red.

  20. I thought they were gonna find out its a game and start questionning everything if their life is even real or not

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