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FNF vs imposter V4 fanart pibby gray

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  1. wow that pibby gray was awesome how did u draw that can u please tell us…

  2. Since Black is invincible to the corruption, I feel like he would just pull grey out of the corruption’s grasp every time Grey was caught

  3. Okay imma go touch grass guys BYE BALLS

  4. Bruh grey was already crazy enough and you just turned him into a psychopath XD

  5. This is a mod? Espero haberlo puesto bien no hablo inglés

  6. This was really good! I hope to see more amazing art from you.

  7. Poor grey first his father got ejected and then this?!

  8. Gray’s little brother joshmint survived

  9. The only thing I would add is a mouth to gray to hint at the fact he always wanted to be an imposter, so the corruption “granted” his wish.

  10. Hola papu, te quedó muy bien el fanart 👍
    Te quería preguntar algo, será q podré usar este concepto para hacerlo un Sprite? Es q estoy haciendo un remaster del vs Impostor black betrayal y me gustaría añadir este sprite para la song de sussus pibbis, puedo usar el concepto? (También te pregunto por los otros conceptos pibby, es que también me gustaría usarlos también )

  11. Imagine if the darkness gave gray a kind of pseudo parasite form.

  12. Ok you are realy Best makin thats drawings

  13. Can someone tell me
    First his father gets ejected now NOW THE PIBBY GLITCH HAS HIM
    like where's his knife and how did the PIBBY GLITCH get in the airship
    First red second white. NOW GRAY

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