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FNF VS IMPOSTER fanart #speeddrawing #imposterv4 #amongus

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  1. Gray isn't a impostor, mouth should be on pink

  2. 이야… 엄청 잘하네

  3. I imagine that blue was in the middle but black killed him and they just replaced it with the logo

  4. You can do your boby with the same person 😅

  5. how ding dong DARE! you give my boi gray a mouth he aint no loser impostor

  6. I love how the characters interact with each other in the different boxes!

  7. If you ask me how many times I watched this… Yes…

  8. So cool but I'm red in among us

  9. He didnt even sketch his hands so active,

    Cute lil beans❤

  10. I found out today that the first 2 and my favorite characters are gays…my life will never be the same..

  11. 신기하게 그레이(크루원 임포) 노랑이 빼고 다 임포네ㅋㅋ

  12. I'm green imposter sister my bf is maroon in the imposter V4

  13. Hey could you make me art for fun I wanna see how it turns out 😀

  14. red and green are dating eh?
    Reason: Green is a girl. Red is a boy
    Another thing Yellow and pink are dating
    Reason: Pink is a girl

  15. The laughing part was goofy and got me on the floor laughing

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