Flirting With The Imposter | (Among Us Comic Dub) (Among Us Love Story) -

Flirting With The Imposter | (Among Us Comic Dub) (Among Us Love Story)

Cougar macdowall Va
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The Crewmate turns the table on the Imposter…

[Made With Permission]

Thanks to Expressity for letting me dub their amazing comics for this video they are amazing, go follow them here!

☆Purple and Black played be me 😀

Ya Boy Cougar 😀

Among Us Puppets is filming at the moment so keep that in mind because it will be worth the wait, so just keep your eyes and minds waiting. But in the mean time I have plently of Among Us videos in the works, and Godzilla and Godzilla KOTM comic dubs coming back soon I just needed a break. But after that doing a Steven Universe mini marathon and the Godzilla Puppet show so stay tuned. Also of course more MHA, The Owl House, and JOJO comics coming soon.

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  1. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ


  2. Black. was is. Love purple. that is my purple. 💜


    meh: XD 0>0

  4. that could be a 60 year old hairy man

  5. black: please help me. the other imposter: kills purple. black: RED THANK YOU SOO MUCH red: o..k?

  6. Black: I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I black.EXE has stopped working

  7. Hahahaha !! 🤣 . Comment mettre mal à l'aise un imposteur , suivez l'exemple du Crewmate , ou pas . hé hé . 😉 .

  8. One of reason why imposters kill crewmates: flirting

  9. Any She-ra stans?

    Purple has such Double Trouble vibes.


  11. Reminds me of a few pathfinder games that went sidways in that direction. Ah i can still hear the DM sighing as he facepalmed…good times.

  12. The purple crewmate ismore scarer then the imposter

  13. How it feels when I get a drink at my local rainbow bar (hint I’m the imposter)

  14. God this is so uncomfortable this is not funny

  15. Are they both boys?
    they are GAY HeHe BoI

  16. I feel the ships there it's crawling my friggin skin

  17. Black you all right?

    Black: mumbles I just lost my virginity to a guy

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