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Feeling Kinda Hungry | Among Us Comic Dub

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Cyan just came over to Orange and feels kinda hungry…

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Artist of the Comic:

☆@Miss Shellah as Orange

☆Me as Cyan
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  1. this channel makes the best comic dubs
    and that's a fact

  2. Orange likes Cyan but she doesn't know that he is the Impostor

  3. I can't be the only one who thinks orange's voice actor of this is cute

  4. Oh ! You're gonna go down the vent ? Alright, I don't sus you at all ! Have a nice day !

    XDDD I love these crewmate-impostor love stories

  5. Its an orange eat her

  6. Once I became friends with 2 impostors their name is TAKANA something and cool but I. They were chill dudes

  7. Cyan: *puts dum sticker on head’
    Also cyan: I was dum enough to try and kill her .-.
    Me: XD

  8. มี xxx เลยครับผม

  9. Me: ships orange and cyan
    My friend: they are not even a good couple
    Me: So you have chosen death

  10. cyan sus and orange
    orange wasnt even finding something suspicious on cyan at all when cyan vented

  11. Plot Twist = Orange is the other imposter who is good pretending to be human that cyan cant tell the difference

  12. This dub made me do a whole fan comic that I didn’t do yet.

  13. Crewmates:
    Make cloned cow or chicken cells and make meat for the impostors to eat
    I've never seen something so beautiful

  14. Orange is so innocent and generous

  15. Why are they talking about among us in this song?

  16. Its so cute i wish i could have friend like that like cyan UwU cyan's voice is so romantic i love this video and i will give it a like

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