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[ENG SUB] International Among Us – English Chaos (Kanae focus) [Nijisanji]

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What happens when play an English-only round of Among Us, and Kanae is the witness…?

It was a super fun stream overall so I felt like having fun with the edits! 🙂

Original Stream
宇宙人狼 | 久しぶりの宇宙人狼!ぺらぺらイングリッシュ【にじさんじ/叶】

(Everyone had their own PoV streams!)

​@Kanae Channel
@三枝明那 / Saegusa Akina
@西園チグサ / Nishizono Chigusa
@Hana Macchia Ch.【NIJISANJI ID】
@민수하 / Suha Min 【NIJISANJI KR】
@신유야 / Yuya Shin 【NIJISANJI KR】
@소나기 / Nagi So 【NIJISANJI KR】
Hoshimi |

#VTuberEN #Nijisanji

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  1. I laugh so hard when Akina said “Reverse! Reverse!” Hahahaha. So funny.

  2. Kanae: He is lair
    Also Kanae:Im not imposter!
    me: wha- ok drama time Lol

  3. "I live in security room" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. "I live in Security room"

    Is gonna be my favorite sentence Kanae ever said in English

  5. didn’t know i needed to hear kanae say “gudokhaejuseyooo” until now

  6. Akina saying MAMAAA in the end is like Ultimate Cook before he was executed ww.

    Kanae-san carried this game ww

  7. lmaooo 5 seconds into the video and Akina has turned into Spongebob "I'm ready I'm ready" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. The english grammar and pronunciation just heats up the whole room. HAHAHA, it's very lively tryn' to make each other communicate using english language. It's very funny.

  9. Oh man, Kanae's attempt at English is so adorable 😭

  10. I‘m watching this again after almost a year and I miss Noor so much 🙁 but this stream was soooo good. I haven‘t watched any nijisanji clips since then. Have they done any other international collaboration streams?

  11. Who came back to watch this 1 year from now on?

  12. I Live in security room

    i need a shirt of that

  13. Kanae and Akina arguing was more comprehensible than the Trump and Joe biden fight back in the beginning of 2021 lmao

  14. me who is good at english:I mean they try their best bc idk any of these languages even tho I try to remember some JP words I can only remember just some of them lmao but just hearing Kanae saying english makes my day lmao

  15. I came back here cuz i saw it on my recommendation, but this is really gold. Too good lmao

  16. kanae before the end of the meeting: whiny noises nooo…
    kanae after the meeting ends: EYYYY GO TO HELL!!!

  17. From seeing a few videos of Kane, isn't his mom good at English, or was that false information?

  18. I was holding my laugh because I watched this clip in the middle of the night. The way Kaane and Akina explain themselves were hilarious! That made me tear up a bit. LMAO.

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