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Dragonfruit and Lime | Among Us Fanart (Speedpaint)

Purple Zebra Productions
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Introducing Dragonfruit and Lime, my two Among Us fan characters, who also happen to be girlfriends!

I got interested in making Among Us characters because I really liked the idea of a Higurashi-style Groundhog Day story. Where the deaths and the killers are slightly different each time, but they’re forced to relive it again and again with only one member of the crew remembering all the times before. And yes, I’ve named every character after a fruit that resembles their suit color. I have names and hats for all the other colors, but the only other one I have a definitive idea for is Elderberry or Black.

These two do have their own story, but they’re mainly for roleplaying and character swapping. Want them to join your server? ^^

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