BABUSHKA The Movie | Among Us Animatic -

BABUSHKA The Movie | Among Us Animatic

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I wanted to make this animatic for so long. This Among us Round was hilarious 😂

Edit: Ok, I just noticed that a few of these streamers watched this video. If you´re one of them, Please hire me! (ok, JK) Hope you guys enjoy it! 😉

Creation Time: 2 months
Frames: 652


(Music used is copyright-free)

Original video: (I edited some parts too)


Stream POV:


Corpse Husband:






Masayoshi (John):



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  1. You did such a great job! You're a great animator!

  2. Can you please make one for the second part that just came out

  3. I love how Toast is wearing like a nice suit and tie and everyone else is in space suits.

  4. this is mindblowing begginign to end, the own movie-like plot that formed itself in this stream combined with out of this world animations is just * chefs kiss *
    i love how it starts with rae in the center shot telling Corpse he owes her one and that he will repay her in this game, its almost like scripted foreshadowing of whats to come. just perfect.

  5. (The Russian grandmother watching this wondering why they keep being mentioned)

  6. OMG THIS IS CRAZY AMAZING!!! I want this to become a live action! You did SUCH a good job. This is SO SO SO good!

  7. Father in h.eaven i pray you bless this person reading this, with good health prosperity and everything good

  8. I have to tell you this is absolutely fantastic. I hope you do a complete series on all of these because it would be so good.

  9. Can someone please give me a list of who’s who? Specifically colour to name, etc corpse – black? If you do it’ll be appreciated sm! 💞

  10. y'all i can't stop laughing Sykkuno just INSTANTLY killed 😂😂 and the animation just adds to it

  11. This got recommended to me again i kinda miss the among us era now🥲

  12. I just noticed that whenever Sykkuno or Rae kills somebody their eyes turn black unleashing their Impostor instincts


  14. This is the best haha. Can u make all corspe highlights?

  15. aaaaAaaaaa thanks for having Russian subtitles here! now I at least understand that my brain is here and I don’t think

  16. It's right to say bа́bushka. I'm Russian and it was funny for me to listen to this

  17. That one moment with Corpse and Rae is super cute and wholesome, I love it, Corpse just stands there like the cute obedient boi he can be sometimes, then Rae just murders someone

  18. 1:55 Sykko, being the most innocent moron.. and Corpse being 6 laughs away from breaking a rib and losing a lung, while Rae is OMG'ing like a high school cheerleader…

    This is documentary footage, not a created anime…. 🙂

  19. Wow this was literally incredible! Both the animation and the comedy!

  20. I can't stop rewatching this. It's pure fortuitous comedy and I LOVE it! But what I LOVE MORE is their friendship <3 It warms one's heart <3 to see such friendships exist.

  21. This is just…so good. I keep coming back to it, it's just SO good.

  22. "A wall of bodies-"
    "A walls of simps!'
    Corpse being there just makes it so much better.

  23. I love how Rae and Sykkuno were chilling with Corpse at the end there like, “We’re the only friends you need on this ship lol”

  24. E’rebody need to see this! This is incredibly done and way too funny!

  25. Please, could you consider pinning all replies you get from OTV and friends, I see soo many of them replied !

  26. OMG I am so sad that Youtube only JUST now recommended me this! Your art style is so freaking cool! I loved the moment when Sykunno's eyes were red in the shadows before he came out to talk to Brooke! You did so cool combining the hilarity of this crazy round with some real creepy horror/slasher movie stuff, this was AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  27. Edit: Holy moly, Valkyrae-Leslie-Brooke-John-Tina-Jodi reacted to this 👀😭

    If you want to help me traslate the captions, here´s a link to a folder where you can find a file with the english/spanish copies of the captions I made. For those who want to traslate it into your/other language, you'll be free to download it, change and add it into the folder. ( so I can find it and put them into the video 😉)

    -Captions already Done-
    •Portuguese (Brazil)✔
    •Traditional Chinese✔
    •Romanian (work in progress…)

    (I came up with this idea because Youtube doesn't allow you guys to collaborate and create your own subtitles anymore 😔)

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