Amongus/GIF/Fan art/RED/rodamrix -

Amongus/GIF/Fan art/RED/rodamrix

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Role by rodamrix
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  1. thanks Wow l Love you like ✨✨ you ini huh gak ada Apk:?? 🤔? you YouTube.. @sir steve… you like What love look like 💦✨

  2. I LOVE YOUR ART 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  3. I have so many questions on the video- what kind of software did you use? How did you do the animation? And how did you do the masterpiece of yours? Everything is so nice and fit in together!

  4. I love this fan art for rodamrix, it’s epic :0
    And I also like your drawing style ❤️

  5. pls can you make pink x purple Rodamrix

  6. For some reason that the imposter is like the detective or mystery player

  7. Tq sir for making these awesome videos
    You deserf a trophie

  8. Oh Wait I thought it was Ibis Paint X For A Second -;-

  9. Underrated! 🙁

    sick dude..

  10. Nice Fanart GIF, this is my 2nd time seeing this.

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