Amongus/Fanart GIF/Red and olive/Rodamrix -

Amongus/Fanart GIF/Red and olive/Rodamrix

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BGM:chill beat
software:panda painting
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  1. The lighting and colouring is really good- poor red though 🙁

  2. Draw Me Mateusz Michalkiewicz [MATEUSZ2005 STUDIO]

  3. noicee ✨👌

    Btw i searched 熊猫绘画 in playstore but can't find it TvT

  4. Why red was holding a knife and a fork? Oh, red was eating pizza

  5. It reminds me of that one video when a maniac is forcing some guy to eat soup

  6. They always cute when they are together

  7. very talented It's not easy to be a draftsman but it became very top one more thing I always left with doubt because the imposters see the ghosts but the crew don't see it 🤔

  8. 오늘도 스티브님은 그림을 잘그리시네요!

  9. I like the story of a little scary but it is super very good 👌

  10. Why is he eating pizza with a fork and a knife

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