Among Us x Hamilton Song - Emergency Meeting (Animated Music Video) -

Among Us x Hamilton Song – Emergency Meeting (Animated Music Video)

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I’ve been addicted to Hamilton for ages, and my friend Fara wrote an Among Us version for ‘Cabinet Meeting’… and I KNEW I had to get to animating, with. So instead of a usual storytime video, how about an Among Us x Hamilton music parody called Emergency meeting? Hope you enjoy!

Among Us Gameplay over on:

Major thanks to:
PJ (Vocals) – @PantslessPajamas
Fara (Vocals + Lyrics) –
Bella Drawson (BG Artist) –
Becky (BG Artist) –
NuNu91011 (BG Artist) –
Silva Hound (Instrumental –
Hexrin (Animator, Scene 1) –
MashUpArt (Animator, Scene 2) –
Abnormal Chaos (Animator, Scene 3) –
KaiPie (Animator, Scene 4) –
Lupa (Animator, Scene 5) –
Skaleigha (Animator, Scene 6) –

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  1. I've been watching TheAMaazing latley and I watched this on repeat a year ago but I never realized that HE was the one who made this,

    Big suprise for me

  2. I really don't know why i am even listening to this man. It's just GOOD. I love it. This has earned a place in my playlist.

  3. Innersloth can you give among us roadmap?or you fake innersloth or real?please🥺🥺🥺

  4. Dude you were playing with veteran from game toons Logic also sandy and mrspotato from sta studios

  5. Ok this is the best thing I have ever seen in my life

  6. I actually saw the musical and this song is almost the same song as the musical

  7. Don't ask me why but this song low-key reminds me of platypus controlling me from Phineas and Ferb

  8. A smart person would just do their tasks and win easy

  9. Yellow's like Veteran
    Orange's like Mrs. Potato
    Purple's like Sandy

  10. wait why was green in the vent should he be at the table

  11. Lmao this is two of my favorite things mixed together and I love it.

  12. I just remembered that this is a little copy of cabinet 1# from Hamilton

  13. Thanks for watching! I'll see if I can get this to Spotify or something, but in the mean time, make sure to check out my Among Us gaming videos over on TwoAMaazing (! Going to be posting fairly regularly over there B)

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