AMONG US - Who is the Impostor? | How to draw by Huta Chan -

AMONG US – Who is the Impostor? | How to draw by Huta Chan

Huta Chan
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AMONG US – Who is the Impostor? | How to draw by Huta Chan
Among us is one of the hottest games recently and I’m also a user of it. Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space-themed setting in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors. It’s so interesting and fun to play. Have you ever played this game?

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  1. Me: i dont simp for mini space beans
    Also me: *simps for everyone in this vid, yes including you*

  2. ふたちゃんさん凄いっす!

  3. Xem đến đoạn nhân vật xanh lá được vẽ theo concept bộ đội VN em kiểu bị ấn tượng luôn ý chị Huta ơi ><

  4. Em nghĩ là chị màu cam ( mặt hiền mà giả bộ đáng yêu là nguy hiểm lắm chị ơi )

  5. Blue is the imposter. The child in its hands is fake thus being imposter for a child. No one will suspect person carrying child to be a murderer giving blue opportunity to track and kill its prey while they least suspect. Plus kid suit with no face visibility is good way to hide murder weapon and getting off of the crime scene without being noticed. So the right answer is blue. 😎

  6. Knowing that you need to choose to select as the imposter after seeing their faces me be like:
    Umm chilll… Anyways I think I'm just gonna skip..hahaha😅

  7. 3:41 Me: his hot
    Also me: what if his the imposter?

    6:55 Me : this guy is hot as well
    Also me: what if his also an imposter? brain full of doubts

    8:21 Me: 👁👄👁
    My mind: everyone is an imposter

    Me at the end: so who are the imposters?

  8. hey you are very good at making female anime characters but not so much the boys is not an offense

  9. Chị vẽ anh siro ở bên hero team từ người biến thành anime đi chị

  10. có lẽ tôi là người duy nhất thấy xanh lá giống bộ đội Việt Nam nhỉ

  11. mấy con among us ngố óa, mà em chơi rùi. nó khó và phải tránh Imopster đủ kiểu ko bị giết là ngủm

  12. Just waiting for 1 million
    But huta deserves more😊😊

  13. I thought yello was a girl because i love yellow among us 😂

  14. i think…….
    purple and red is an imposter right ?

  15. bạn vẽ đẹp quá, vậy video sau vẽ Dream smp đi nha☺☺☺☺

  16. It's blue and red right? Out of everyone only these two have fangs, for a red costume It's natural to have fangs, all movies and dramas the villain either wear black or red so I thought it was nothing but even blue has these so I think, out of everyone blue and red are imposters

  17. you are just incroyable…. verry incroyable…. 😉

  18. Olah Huta chan ,podrias hacernos un tutorial de dibujo estilo anime?porfis 🙏y q materiales se necesitan

  19. I think you can draw a 2 stick man into a brilliant masterpiece

  20. Good job huta chan 😊
    You have golden hands 😊

  21. Hi Huta chan,you work is cool,you is corean?My Nationalite is Brazilian

  22. Podrías dibujar a los: "Odboos"(una caricatura del canal Bomeerang) como semi realistas? Estaría genial

  23. Red is imposter not blue because blue have a cute little baby.

  24. I don't care who is the imposter but I am absolutely sure it's not Blue…. He is just so adorable 😊

  25. Wow,look at the green one. He looks like a Vietnamese soldier. I like that

  26. is yellow and purple and red and orange is imported

  27. I think red is the prettiest and she must to be impostor

  28. The beginning was really cute! This was such a cool video!!!

  29. Who are the Impostors? Let me know your answer after watching the video.
    (There are some hints for you guys to guess)

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