Among Us - Submerged Custom Map (Reveal Trailer) -

Among Us – Submerged Custom Map (Reveal Trailer)

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After months in the making, the first Among Us custom map is finally here!
Live on Twitch 8 AM PST June 25th! –

Special thanks to:

Project Lead:
5up –

Alex –
Rose –
probablyadnf –
Natsu –

Map Design
Axyn –
Blaustoise –

theinkpages –
Cola –
Flips –
Muji –
Xi –
Sabi –
and everyone else who contributed to the Submerged Development!

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Sounds from & Epidemic Sound
#AmongUs #Submerged

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  1. Lol I Thought it was real for a SECOND. 💀💀💀

  2. I ain't crossing 10 wires when I GET THAT TASK LIKE EVERY GAME

  3. Just like those billionaires in a Pringle can right now

  4. What!? Realizing Publicity Late July??? NO NO AND NO AT THE 25 OF JUNE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are lier because the map its not coming

  6. this should of came out man, i'm so disapointed

  7. Update we are getting a tv show for among us!!!

  8. Hi 5up I made a new map among us which has no connection with your map with designers and other people it's called Le Space and it's very big it will be released in mod among us on July 30, 2023 trailer on July 19, 2023

    she is exceptional your new map with mine it makes it a second new map

  9. Ssundee doesn't make the mods usually lookumz does

  10. Lastima que el proyecto no se va a retomar ojalá los creadores de amongus se den cuenta de lo increíble que es y lo compren

  11. It looks like the real among us games oh and love the jazz


  13. fun facts: among us doesn't want to put a new map, because it's not allowed

  14. Gosh, this been two year it’s still have an out I’m mad >:(

  15. It’s not out because it’s a mod or its fake

  16. if sumberged mobile came i colud make a outside among us map 6 better than 5up and inersolth😊😊😊😊😊😊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ make sure to subscibe

  17. Or tell me i colud make under sumberged map 7 and mobile outside and under sumberged mobile

  18. And i will help inersloth to make road map 8😊❤🎉😮😅

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