Among us speedpaint (Purple)||Imposter Version||or at least I tried-|| -

Among us speedpaint (Purple)||Imposter Version||or at least I tried-||

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I’m just making this cuz I’m a bit pissed because I keep getting imposter….

Game: Among us

apps used:
Ibis Paint X

background music:
among us-OST

(maybe the cor is the problem on why I’m imposter lololololol)

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  1. Nice speedpaint lily rose 💙💙 I really do enjoy seeing your art videos 😊

  2. Well i have purple color and flower and one day i was killer

  3. Hah! imposter when he or she just goa a vent when we see from camera lol jahahahah

  4. Someday kids like you always like that always kill and she's favorite and meme meme don't make anyone laugh like clarity meme or something stupid girl I hate my life

  5. I mean- I wish I could draw hands that good/

  6. Nice ninja, i prefer purple guy more then ninja

  7. Its not that i dont like it, i love it, honest, but why does every drawing of among us, wether it be a crewmate or impostor, its always a girl? 😛

  8. this was secretly william afton he just used won of lizzy's skirts and scrunchie

  9. Si no ponías en el título "among us" no sabía

  10. Thats not an among us character, thats just a girl with a knife

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