Among Us Popsicle! (Sonic, Angry Birds, Mario, & More!) -

Among Us Popsicle! (Sonic, Angry Birds, Mario, & More!)

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I got a package in the mail, and it consisted of tons of different Popsicle creations that I didn’t even know about. Every Sonic Character, Mario, even Angry Bird Popsicles! I’m gonna apologize ahead of time, I don’t know Sonic characters, so I had no clue on what half of their names were. The package came from @Angry Sonic all the way from New Zealand! Special thank you to him!

Checkout Angry Sonic:

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  1. Five nights at Freddy's because when if it was like real it would like when it melts it would be like super funny I want it's not detailed it just looks so disgusting and really funny so much that just pick it up that would be so funny

  2. Supersonic that’s what that one is named crazy eyes

  3. The super Mario popsicle is real sadly it want out of production in 2003 😢

  4. there was a super mario popscicle but they got discontinued


  6. A popsicle Brent bc is not a mistake it’s a masterpiece 💞 I hope popsicle makes a face of you brent oh and happy new year 🎊🎈🎆

  7. I was never a big Sonic person (nothing against it lol), so sorry I don’t know any of the characters haha.

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