Among Us Pendulum Painting #amongus #shorts #amongusshorts -

Among Us Pendulum Painting #amongus #shorts #amongusshorts

Artist Stacy C. Bottoms
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Among Us Pendulum Painting was a fun idea that I had for my fan art playlist. I wanted to combine a stellar looking pendulum painting with a green Among Us astronaut in space. Did you see what I did there? “Stellar” as in “stars”?
I first drew the Among us crewmate and then painted it green. The stars were added right before the white paint was released from the pendulum. I hope you enjoy watching my Among Us YouTube short and subscribe to see more. I’ll be posting at least one new short painting each week. Let me know which color you’d like me to paint next. Until next time, keep making fun art!
Artist Stacy C Bottoms
#amongus #shorts #amongusshorts
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