Among Us - Megalovania (remix) -

Among Us – Megalovania (remix)

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Among Us – Megalovania (remix)
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Artist aytanner
Artwork Among Us Fanart

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  1. 。  •  •   ゚  。

      .  ° .  • •   .     。 .  。° .

     .   。  ඞ 。  . •
    Chara(Green) was not the Impostor.

  2. The colors should be swapped (Frisk is red and sans is blue) but other than that this is a total banger

  3. I尺[̲̅R]ΣⱠƎᏉΛᑎT͓̽_00_YATIĹ̶̟̲I【AN】_0_SɨǟռTO_00_ƆᴚUZ dice:

    That sans hulk though…

  4. *red


    *red 1 atk 1 def he has a blue glow in his eye…

  5. song that might play when you have a task in electrical-

  6. ** crewmate has witnessed sans has killed chara **
    ** sans has ran towards you with a bad time in stake **

  7. When you see a guys who have 440k sub and only have 21k of viewer and a another one who have 1,9k ( maybe) and have 634k of viewer and they both come from the same month but with 10 day of the video
    Me: wait that's illegal

  8. The bad time will be happen when u r in electrical

  9. the song is from an other artist
    its name is sabotage

  10. Blue:Ahhhhh Sans destroyed the dead body!!!i can’t report
    Sans:you are the next

  11. *CHECK*
    *R E D D ඞ*
    *the most powerful I M P O S T E R*

    [fight] [SCREAM] [eat] [mercy]

  12. Me who loves Megalovania and Literally has an Among Us bean in his profile pic: Is this for Me? also

    It's a beautiful night outside…
    Crewmates doing tasks…
    Sabotages getting fixed…
    On Nights like these…
    Crewmembers like you…

    *Sans accuses you of Murder


    ❤Check * SUS
    * Accuse * If not him then me

    *Sans ATK-????? DEF-?????
    *Seems to be an impostor… But you don't want to get voted out yourself

  13. It’s a beautiful day outside. Crew mates are
    Dyeing someone is hacking and players like you… ARE ACTING SUS

  14. nobody:

    so nobody knows undertale aus here? u n i n t r e s t i n g

  15. SANS HERE! sans among us: want have bad time? Purple: NO RED HUGE F*K YOU RED *run away

  16. me when i see sans as a fat imposter : thats something i cant escape

  17. Wasn't this version made by M2B or whatever he goes by now

  18. Ni modo a madriarse al impostor

  19. Cyan the third imposter a friendly trying to stop you and green
    Attack pattern) gun just a gun shot
    Knife swing her swings his knife can be a blue or orange attack
    Ghost he summons ghost for task like attacks

    AMOGUS Ted talk

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