Among Us Meets Animal Crossing - New Skins! -

Among Us Meets Animal Crossing – New Skins!

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Today we have the cutest crossover! Among Us Meets Animal Crossing! My stream helped me decide which ACNH characters I should draw as Among Us skins. Which is your favorite?!

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  1. I skipped through the video a bit. My fav one you did is fauna 😄

  2. “ it’s so long since I haven’t draw sorry guys”
    Me doesn’t even konw how to draw nooks leaf : * panic *

  3. You did such a good job! Loved watching the streams they were so relaxing. Your also really talented don't let anyone tell you otherwise 🙂

  4. Can you draw Bones next? :3 I loved him since I seen him in the Animal Crossing for the GameCube 😄

  5. That’s amazing digital art can you draw Judy or Raymond next please

  6. I lost all my progress last mount on my island cause my switch goes

  7. 👏R👏A👏Y👏M👏O👏N👏D👏👏👏…… please 😅😁

  8. I'm a simple guy, I see stitches, I click faster than Shane Dawsons career falling apart

  9. I want you to draw your favorite character witch is Judy bear

  10. Tiff: BECAUSE SHE IS THE ✨ d e e r q u e e n
    Me: Wait….was someone else crowned bread queen? Because if they are can I be replaced as potato princess? 😣🥺

  11. Please do most of the charicters on your island. do your favorites!

  12. my favourite villagers that are on my island are sherb and murphy <3

  13. To be honest al was kind of scary before turning to murder

  14. Among us x pokemon kinda like pikachu as among us idk

  15. If stitches had a kill animation It would be stitching your mouth shut and sufficate

  16. Are all these skins actually like useable in among us

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