Among Us Logic Ship fan art -

Among Us Logic Ship fan art

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Please don’t hate me for shipping Angel and Stoner, or Ria and Mr Egg.
You should blame GameToons for making such obvious ships
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  1. 0:54 I hate that ship mood is so dramatic it was just a literal game

  2. You know I rather watch among us logic ships then watch another episode of dam fnf logic

  3. If you drew these,they are soooooo cut the way it brew

  4. I wouldn’t say MrEgg and Ria or Stoner and Angel are THAT obvious. I see why it could be seen, but I just don’t think it has to be necessarily romantic. Still cool art though!

  5. My Opinion:
    GentleCheese: Not a big fan but its ok.
    EngiGnome: My favourite
    RoseDay: To less content to say something
    CapDum: uhhhhhh
    StonGel: I kinda think they dont fit together…..
    RiaEgg: Ok?
    GentleEgg: Same like GentleCheese

  6. Ohhh come on! I want Player and Noob to be back together! They are so cute together!!!!!!

  7. In my opinion

    Gentle cheese and GentleEgg is not a good ship… Because I don't like it and I'm not Being rude and all… (And also I'm not Homophobic) (And also the gentle cheese and GentleEgg shippers are toxic)

    Stoner x angel…. Uhhh is a good ship but not fan of it And I'm sorry if someone gets offended by it and I see why if you ship them
    Because they were impostors in AUL 1….

    Mr egg x Ria Is A Good Ship in my opinion because Mr egg did Care about Ria Dying from Novisor she got killed and turned to novisor..
    And they seem looks like a good friends or couples I would say

    Player x captain uhhh no… I don't like the ship because I prefer player is captains best friend I would say

    Player x veteran uhhh no… I do not like the ship because…
    First of I don't really Like Gay ships (Remember I'm not homophobic)
    In my opinion I prefer pretty much normal and Boy and girl Ship in my opinion… and Yes Is not a good ship I prefer player and veteran as best friends and Also The Fandoms are toxic If you ship Player with someone else those player x veterans giving ya Death threats even if you make an opinion it sucks… And also player x captain shippers and gentle cheese and GentleEgg Shippers

    Captain X Dum 100% Like the Ship since there now canonically Shipped By Gametoons and they seem perfect as couples but I still hate the player x captain shippers There toxic and really hate what Gametoons did I feel bad for Gametoons and Besides Dum is indeed players sister

    Sorry if it's so freaking long

  8. My opinions on the ships (don’t kill me it’s my opinion)

    GentleCheese- Yes, I love this. It’s cute 😀

    EngiGnome: I like this, they have a healthy relationship in canon.

    RoseBday: I’m pretty sure their relationship is healthy in canon, though I think they have only been shown in 2 canon episodes.

    DumCap: Yes this is so cute! I like both these characters and their healthy relationship. So sweet!

    Stangel: I think it’s adorable 😀

    RiaEgg: Ok I am not really sure if I ship this or not, I probably don’t. There is a chance they could be in some romantic relationship but there isn’t much proof at all showing that Ria was only in one episode

    GentleEgg: Ok I don’t really ship this at all but it’s fine if one does. I prefer GentleCheese but it’s fine

    PlayerNoob: Just.. no. I’m sorry but I really don’t like this ship, once again it’s fine if you do ship it but I just really dislike it. Plus Noob is toxic. I think it’s weird seeing “Oh they are so cute together” because I think it’s supporting a toxic relationship (ITS FINE IF YOU DO SHIP THIS!) Plus Noob broke up with Player and it’s SO OBVIOUS she used him. She claimed she was new though she has been playing for months in FGL, begged Player to win, told Player she would break up with him if she voted her out. And I’m actually glad they broke up- I’m sorry. I just don’t like this ship at all. But yes for another time, It’s fine if you ship this I do not hate you, but I don’t like the ship.

    You can ship whatever you want! I won’t attack you. If I hate the ship it doesn’t mean I hate you ^u^ BUT DO NOT SHIP MINORS AND ADULTS OR FAMILY MEMBERS WITH OTHER OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS (If two are engaged that’s fine. BUT DON’T SHIP SIBLINGS OR COUSINS WITH EACH-OTHER THATS ILLEGAL AAAA)

  9. good choice of ships (:
    i ship them all (except mr cheese x the gentleman and gnome x engineer)

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