Among us Kill Animation | Flipaclip Animation tutorial -

Among us Kill Animation | Flipaclip Animation tutorial

Garvit Bhatnagar
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Hello guys,

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And I am back with another video on my YouTube channel.

one more amazing drawing is here for you go and catch up quickly ,
Learn new skills and knowledge about Animation and Drawings etc.

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Among us animation | when you play Among us for first time

Thanks for watching

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  1. Woah the least time i saw you having 700 subs now its 800 i hope at the end of the year you get 1k subs

  2. On which topic do you want me to make next video? Lol

  3. i got a question how do upload a flippa clip video while not the flippa clip brand logo?

  4. How to animate word because for me it takes a long time can you search me 🙁🙁

  5. Can you make video on how you make background

  6. Ur the best finger animator along with Bic08 and others

  7. How do you make the animation smooth. It looked so rough when u sketched it.

  8. This, helps me a lot more to animate thank you!

  9. I don't really like tutorials but I like how you show the drawing to get to the finishing project. A lot of filpaclip animators don't show them doing the animation so its most likely they are copying off of someone or asking someone that's good at flipaclip drawing (like you) to do it.

  10. Thanks! I usually don’t thumbs up tutorials, but this one was so handy i might as well!

  11. I'm also making this on my mother's phone.

  12. make blue killing red with pistol pls

    im suscribed

  13. This video is pretty good. I have been trying my best to make an animation.

  14. Im make it all time and my vidio speed = 1 second

  15. Here’s a tip, I’m sorry if you know this and I’m just telling you lol but there is a pencil tool and it’s meant for sketching and the pen is for outlining the sketch or you can just draw with pen.

  16. Amazing! It have to teach me up an animation like that,and it Teached me how to copy up a drawing using the rope!

  17. How can you duble the drawing

  18. You're not better than me in this animation

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