Among Us Fanart Watercolor (ft. Zeus the Hedgehog) -

Among Us Fanart Watercolor (ft. Zeus the Hedgehog)

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Hey guys! Hope yall had fun watching this as much as I had fun making it!

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  1. Love that you brought out the painting 🖼 so calming 😌

  2. Hey guys! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Second video and I'm still so excited! 🥳🥳🥳 Hope yall enjoy!

  3. Yellow suss! Lolz! You're hedgehog is soo cute! Spiky Potato is exactly how'd I describe him haha. Okay this was so cool how you brought the drawing to life. Can't wait for your next drawing! Keep at it with growing and sharing your amazing talent girl! 🌼

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