AMONG US but it's a Stop Motion animation by Lee Hardcastle -

AMONG US but it’s a Stop Motion animation by Lee Hardcastle

Lee Hardcastle
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Who goes there? Oh, it’s an AMONG US stop-motion animation claymation holiday special! Made by Lee Hardcastle. Who is suss? Who is the imposter? Pewdiepie? KSI? Who is the telling the truth? Find out all that out in just 40 seconds! Wow wee. Indie games never felt this real! SONG: Ridge Racer (psx) Race Results
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  5. It's hard to believe among us was invented 10 months ago

  6. I knew there would be a reference to the thing in this video

  7. I’m annoyed of all the Among Us shit but for some reason you make it better~

  8. 25 years later white still stuck to red.

  9. I was getting more of a ghost busters theme or the middle part of a regular show episode

  10. A secret Call of Duty trailer called Call of Duty Outside.

  11. Idk why i am tired of The fact that Lee makes everything kid friendely Then turns out to be just a parody of Thing

    Even with among us !!


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