Among Us Animation Alternate Part 6 - Red 1/2 -

Among Us Animation Alternate Part 6 – Red 1/2

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It’s a continuation from Among Us Animation Alternate.

Alternate Part 1:
Alternate Part 2:
Alternate Part 3:
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Alternate Part 5:

Artist: JAde Wii
Song Name: Enable The Tiger
Song Link:
Artist: Anno Domini Beats
Song Name: Drop
Song Link:
Artist: JAde Wii
Song Name: Miniscule Planet
Song Link:
Artist: Bad Snacks
Song Name: Joy Ride
Song Link:
Artist: Dan Bodan
Song Name: The Symmetry of Sleeplessness
Song Link:
Artist: Asher Fulero
Song Name: Assembling
Song Link:
Artist: Asher Spazz Cardigan
Song Name: Kids With Lightsabers
Song Link:
Artist: Stayloose
Song Name: Freeze Frame
Song Link:
Artist: R. Lum. R
Song Name: Sundays
Song Link:
Artist: RKVC
Song Name: Pavement Sunset
Song Link:

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  1. I like how white hug red so impotor can be nice

  2. Is it the same baby yellow or a different one?

  3. dude, red should have just grabbed the gun from green's pocket

  4. Can we just appreciate how much (shifter? Olive? Fortagreen?) hates medicine XD

  5. Why am i crying to sussy among beans

  6. These are the only beans who could have feelings

  7. The fact that red, blue, and white looks like a flag of France is lovely ❤️

  8. ase parte 7 por que somos tus super

  9. Me encantó la parte en que rojo le dice a sus amigos que es un impostor es muy emotivo y triste a la vezme encantan tus vídeos sigue adelante y logra tus sueños 😁😁

  10. You’re able to make your own one but this no to any of your Videos Croods one piece of teenage left of yellow dislike me handle the rest of what happens end of the story of how it’s going to end okay this time I’m not going to lick it

  11. Kitty yes just know I’m ready to tell you what’s going to happen:)

  12. 😢😢😢😢😢👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😲👍

  13. This masterpiece must have took so long to make. So much effort in this!

  14. This is so cool can’t wait for the next one to come out!

  15. Не кого ни слушай кто говорит что ты снимаешь что то
    Это твоё решение твоя жизнь а не их ня я.
    (Я не хотела кого-то обидеть)

  16. You know im so sad in 14:39 because is about friendship protector and love 😇❤

  17. uuuunn ❤️❤️❤️ REN lain by yellon ☺️☺️☺️

  18. "When u see them u think they are devil, but when u see an explanation of them u think they are kind but u can't focus bc ur job/time it's not about them u have to find they're all about all of them"

  19. Whyyy, why so many onions are being cut hereeeeee

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