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Among Us and Unity | Unity Gaming Services

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From multiplayer infrastructure to managing player insights, learn how InnerSloth has used Unity Gaming Services to build and manage the most popular mobile game in the world.

📖 Read the full case study:

🎨 Check out the fan art creators featured in this video:
3:46 – STA Studios
3:58 – The Pixel Kingdom
4:01 – てんみやきよ (tenmiyakiyo)
4:01 – キーマン(Kiman)

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  1. Wait among us was made in unity
    I always thought it was a custom engine

  2. Among us and fgo are both made by unity let that sink in fgo alone made 3+billion dollars

  3. This is why I love Unity and will never switch to Unreal. I've been using Unity since it was only available on the mac.

  4. The comments section is sus because they don't know how to spell susupectious.

  5. Among Us was made using the LibDGX game engine.

  6. We know u got name among us from elon musk interview , when he was taking about aliens . 😜

  7. It was my favourite game in 2020 but afterwards due to its ui upgrade which i don't like , i stopped playing it. But i am happy now, for innersloth

  8. if all the games that are made with unity have a unity logo in the splash screen maybe it will make it more popular

  9. dont let yourself be lured by unity special effects people, they have a limitation of 32 layers on this engine….once you reach that level your game is dead…better look for a more powerful engine if you plan to make a nice game…you have been warned, i cried for help on the eve of christmas on their forums and they banned me…unity team refuses to fix their broken engines for the people, they leave footprints of errors everywhere because either they are unqualified to fix them or they just want to be naughty

  10. Hello unity..i hope you download unity in IPAD pro M1..

  11. How do you get that check mark on your profile

  12. 5:53
    It's confirmed: Unity is a DBZ stan.
    And more importantly, Unity is Team Gogeta and not Team Vegito

  13. Unity multiplayer library is a joke, either deprecated or experimental

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