Among Us: 5up Speedpaint -

Among Us: 5up Speedpaint

Sincerely, Theo
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Hello! Evirix here. Today’s speedpaint is of a drawing of the YouTuber 5up for his 500K art contest. For any of you that don’t know, 5up is a really good Among Us player. His design is very fun to draw, between the space suit details, the scarf, and the little onion guy.

I’m actually low-key super proud of the lighting and perspective in this piece so that’s why I’m posting a speedpaint. Sorry for the lack of uploads. I’ve been very busy with coding recently, but I’ll try to work on stuff to upload during Christmas Break!

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  1. BRO THE PERSPECTIVE WITH THE HAND REACHING OUT IS JUST inhale 😞👌👌 And the shading is gorgeous as well AAA!

  2. thanks for making the video dark i could see in the reflection that a mini snow storm just came out of no where lol

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