Among Us 3D Model Sculpt Timelapse -

Among Us 3D Model Sculpt Timelapse

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After having a pretty cool headcanon about what I mentally imagined what the Impostor looks like in Among Us, I went and recorded a 3D Sculpt Timelapse of an Impostor astronaut!

The soundtrack is primarily taken from John Carpenter’s The Thing OST, as well as the theme song of Among Us itself!

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If you want the model, the model is available on Sketchfab!

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  1. I wish the developers choose you to be the model maker ☆.☆

  2. can you share us link of this 3d we all give you credits if you will give us your best 3d model

  3. can you please send me the file of your 3d model please.

  4. почему так мало коментов?….

  5. How did you make that!!!!!!!!!! You are level-1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  6. Hey, I made an original version too.. take a look please and let me know. may be we could make something together!

  7. what did you use to make this very good 3D model?

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