🔴Among Us with LDShadowlady, KREW, Aphmau, Laurenzside, Kubz Scouts (Gloom POV) - amongus.gallery

🔴Among Us with LDShadowlady, KREW, Aphmau, Laurenzside, Kubz Scouts (Gloom POV)

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For this weeks Among Us stream we got Lauren, Aphmau, Lizzie, Jay, KREW (Rainbow, Draco, ItsFunneh, Golden and Lunar) and it’s going to be an interesting mix of high IQ and low IQ.
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  1. Your playing with its Funneh chanel !!!! the name is funneh , draco , rainbow ,gold and lunar!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  2. She says dracos name like draco malfoy from harry potter but it isnt like that lol

  3. Did anyone notice the animal crossing music in the back?

  4. Aphmau: hey guys welcome back Gloom: hey that was I was gonna hey >:(. Aphmau: I’m gonna rec Gloom: oh sorry Gloom: kills lunar Draco: walks to the room when Gloom kills lunar Draco: IS GLOOM PLS IS NOT ME. Gloom: GUYS ITS NIT ME PLS funneh: fine I trust you Gloom everyone say me too Some one join Ein Ein: hel- aphmau: EIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE Ein: aph I can leave Suri Chan~ join Suri Chan~: I saw what happen XD funneh: MY FAN🥺 Aphmau: MY FAN🥺 funneh: HEY HE,S MY FAN! Aphmau: HEY HE,S MY FAN funneh: FIGHT aphmau: see krew😎 funneh:😳

  5. Gloom: ok so we almost lost to O2 oh rainbow's dead

  6. It’s not Draco they say it differently than how they do in Harry Potter

  7. Can you tell me when you are on stream so I can play

  8. rainbows mind: umm what is happening umm when can i talk
    evrey one else: WHAT AM NOT IMPOSTOR

  9. Animal crossing music in the background girrrrrl😎

  10. 🌾💐🌷🌗🌗🌷🐉🐉🌳Draco dragon and dragon what is funny rainbow painter call Claire Luna Escobar

  11. How do you all play together and said The names that you want howLike how

  12. I think your saying dracos name wrong and I don’t like that

  13. Lol this is the most chaotic group of among us players.

  14. This Vid is so long and it’s the morning But
    I Really Don’t get care so I am going to watch it

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