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Ima pull some smart moves today


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  1. Omega: Put IRyS on trial on next Council Meeting
    Council: The Council will decide your fate.

  2. Besides the proximity chat throw, it's too bad that Ina chose to be so passive in the third round despite being impostor 3 times in a row.

  3. "I'm in a disadvantage because I'm half angel"
    Looks, at last round… remembers you're also half demon
    You were phenomenal, IRyS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks you for stream Amongus today IRyS 😁❤️
    Stream very fun 😁

  5. the last round lol, irys shows them who's the senpai.

  6. Today, Irys was bolder and successfully led this collaboration. "HOLOCOUNCIL SLAYER" ///She's smart at games… except for Minecraft.

  7. You have a new feat now irys
    Wear it proudly forever as
    The Council Slayer

    All 5 are personified concepts of reality and you slayed them all
    Proves much of your might

  8. Dang good job on that last one IRyS. You may not have won but you decimated the crew and probably only lost because of horrible timing (you were in a vent so people wouldn't have heard you if not for Gura reporting at that exact moment, and if they didn't know for 100% certain it was you and Ina just throwing a bit of doubt probably would have been enough for the win). It was a blast to watch regardless.

  9. I've learned that if IRys starts talking to you in amon gus it's a trap.

  10. 1:39:45 has to be my favourite kill. Kronii's resigned nonchalant tone, knowing she was about to get murdered was absolutely classic.

  11. IRyS: I'm Hope

    Bae: betrays IRyS first round


  12. I hope council killer is a nickname that sticks lol

  13. From “Hope has descended and is coming for you” to “Hope Has Come”, real quick!
    Great run IRyS!!!

  14. In that first round, Bae and IRyS could've so easily teamed together and say they saw Gura kill Mumei in front of them haha.

  15. Ah, yes. Ina playing the defenceless old man card. Works every time.

  16. LOL that red string of fate right out of the gate, Bae and IRyS first imposters 🙂 You can file divorce papers but you're stuck with each other 🙂

  17. The council slayer is completed 5/5, nice killed by the way. 😎👍

  18. Missed an opportunity to call Bae's Idol Meeting music "Chaos Control"

  19. Bruh whenever irys was talking to the crewmates in round 4 and then in the middle of conversation she just kills them and then walks away with no comment lmao

  20. This collab was so good. I really hope we get another one 🙏

  21. First, Time came to a stop at her hands. Next, Space was eradicated. Then, Nature extinguished soon after. Followed by Chaos being forced into order. Civilization was the last of the five to be brought to ruin.
    It took the combined might of the avatars of Death, Humanity, and Animals to stop her reign, but this ultimately required the sacrifice of humanity to keep Nephilim of Hope in check.
    *sidenote: The avatar of Rebirth was erased by the avatar of an Other-worldly, which had allied with the Nephilim, potentially enacting her influence to awaken the Nephilim's darker aspects and goading her into action.
    (This was admittedly pretty fun to make up)

  22. Look forward IRyS more Among US stream
    I like the Imposto

  23. The 'Thank you Ina' prolly the best throw in game's history

  24. アイリスは優しい嘘を言ったりして気を回してくれる子なんだな、ベイは逆で嘘つけないからタッグの相性が悪かったね。

  25. I bet IRyS wins if she throws Ina under the bus at the end. "thank you for eating kiara instead of me, Ina!"

    but then she'd be tossing a senpai under the bus. Dangerous move

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