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【HoloEN】Among Us FULL EN COLLAB~ #HoloENAmongUs

Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN
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this wouldn’t have been possible without Kiara who set it all up! ty Kiara!!!!


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#AmeLive #hololiveEnglish #holoMYTH #HoloENAmongUs

【Please read the following rules so we can all have fun】

►Be respectful to each other
►Don’t spam excessively
►Don’t raid others OR discuss me in other channels unless I am explicitly brought up
►Try not to backseat*
►If you see people doing any of the above, just try to ignore it and enjoy the stream! Or at least poke fun at them respectfully 🙂

*I like to play games my own way: mostly by learning through experience and being wrong. Sometimes, I will ask for help and even then, I may choose not to take your advice. Launch the game yourself if you want to see it played your way or at least pay money to yell at me (」゚ロ゚)」$$$

Reading chat is part of the fun and why I love streaming, if you refuse to follow the rules, then you just won’t be able to join in.

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  1. I’m really enjoying the proximity chat, each vod has had some great moments, like here we can see the gremlin trolling in its natural environment.
    I hope you guys play among us again, it’s much more exciting with the proximity chat! Thanks for the fun Ame!

  2. She got scared of her suspects and just one sec later she trolling pretending to be an imposter lol 😆 😂

  3. After seeing all the clips, I gotta say 1:30:27 is the best one for me. The fact that Kiara and Ina are watching over them as ghosts and Calli watching them from cams makes it so much funnier especially if you watch it from their POVs. This was such a golden stream just from the funny and random moments that they had. 10/10 would watch all the POVs again

  4. Ame and Gura arguing like kids never gets old

    And welcome back, Sanaaa!

  5. If time allowed it I could watch this over and over. Amazing stream. I loved how Ame messed around with people's heads!

  6. Thanks you for stream collab today Ame 😁💛, stream very fun 😁

  7. i love these collabs. big collabs are so important to cinching the community together. Hope to see more of them and soon 🙂

  8. Um, Amelia, you don't need pants to hide things. Skirts work too, and so does three other places that are NSFW. Boing Boing is one of them.

    Edit: Also, just realized, underneath your hat would also count, so 4 places that are NOT pants to hide things

  9. I thought that ghosts weren't allowed to talk in Amogus

  10. I liked the stream. Lots of detective skills showed in this stream. Thanks for the collab, Ame.

  11. I missed the stream yesterday because I fall asleep noooo😭

  12. Watson sama I suggest book and book & quill machine in phoenix town next Librarian villagers.
    A crafting table outside IRyS melon farm would save time crafting melon with melon slices.
    A vendor machine of melons in Farmer's house next farmers would save time traveling back.
    Ender chests are easy to craft, I suggest put them around EN server, especially on respawn.

    Edit: I suggest explore the abandoned procastinated proyect of Kiara https://youtu.be/PbPEYNeWo5I?t=6971 (Ina POV) for archivements.

  13. Why is there a cut in between when ame check vitals around 20-ish minute?

  14. When you think about Mario kart online(global). Always consider the factor of Ms/latency 2-3second ahead. So when you finish the line that your 1-3sec to force yourself to be ahead. Because when you finish with someone even in a mili-second you must always consider the ping-RNG in it. Just to have this in mind and remove that factor by being a few second ahead someone. Or try to be when you race challenge. Other than that enjoy and have fun. :)) Shout out to smol-Ame the race maniac little gremlin haha.

  15. Everyone meet each other says hi
    Meanwhile ame:*scream*

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