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【Full Game】hololive English Among Us [ALL POVs & Ghosts]

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🔨BGM Used : 3R2 [Pancake is Love]

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🔨Timestamp :
~ 0:00 Intro
~ 1:14 1st Round (Impostor = IRyS & Bae)
~ 23:35 2nd Round (Impostor = Ina & Calli)
~ 52:13 3rd Round (Impostor = Ina & Mumei)
~ 1:16:47 Choir Break
~ 1:17:02 Last Round (Impostor = IRyS & Ina)


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  1. I love how Irys accidentally calls Bae Babe.

  2. Holy shit this was the most entertaining amongus game I've ever watched

  3. Can we talk about how irys legit said sabotage and no one picked up on it

  4. Next Among Us collab needs to be either Town of Us or Other Roles. Vanilla Among Us is always good, but having a ton of killing roles, including good and neutral ones, is pure chaos

  5. Ну что могу сказать…Крони как всегда идеальна с временными предсказаниями. Этот отсчёт 10 секунд до следующей смерти…ну вы поняли. У Ины видимо есть какие то претензии к Киаре, а иначе она бы не убивала ее несколько раз подряд. Ну а Айрис…Айрис, она…эмм…убийца совета…демон в ней, определенно доминировал над ангелом…


  7. Me encanta poner este video cuando estoy cerca de terminar mi horario laboral.

  8. Calli in the 2nd round as an imposter was the embodiment of “congratulations you just played yourself”

  9. If someone ever fails to say disgusting burger after the kitchen task, automatic ejection

  10. a.k.a The Vindication of Gwar Gura: The Shork Pumber!

  11. bae really hit fauna with the who's she talking too? combo LMAO

  12. Ina got on action second round😀 good for her👍

  13. I feel like they dont really like gura that much. Its so anoying to see them. If i gura i quit. Thats why i really like holo jp than holo en. Even if they arguing its so fun and funny and the same time. In this am just fell so salty and annoying. Even though i just watching them.

  14. Fauna being genuinely blindsided by Mumei and being all, "Of course I didn't suspect her, it's Mumei!"


    It's Mumei.

  15. In the end, it all comes to who has the cutest voice.

  16. can i just say that i love the running gag of the kitchen task creating an increasingly stupid burger

  17. That was a bad play other person didn’t understand the double kill dam

  18. Ina being stuck in the void was funnier than it should be. Like EN was in the Airship, but Ina was in Skeld

  19. It's so nice to listen to when I'm working~ You're good at selecting songs so I enjoy listening to them👍

  20. Watson taking the suspicion from Bar and throwing it on Kiara. Everyone was oh no sus mouse and Watson just throws that off 😛

  21. Is the 5 time I watch this one and still love it

    Go ina back tehee

  22. First round Ina truly did become Ina of the Void

  23. sorry it's hella long, I tried to get all the moment from each one of their perspective into 1;; ;;

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