【AMONG US】why did we play 3 hrs of among us ◆ #KoMETA_VL #VTuber - amongus.gallery

【AMONG US】why did we play 3 hrs of among us ◆ #KoMETA_VL #VTuber

Miria Ch. ◆ KoMETA Virtual Live
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Recording of the among us twitter spaces but now you see what I was actually doing in the background!!!! Just a vod. Pls let me stream pls.

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まどろむネオンの部屋 written by NEKOZOU

ナイトカーテン written by かずち

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  1. Thank you for always archiving Miria! Your impostor skills at the last round was great, I can't imagine how confused people listening live on twitter spaces felt. That last killing spree was so good! I cracked at the end when miria was so sus and m̶a̶n̶i̶c̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ laughed xD GGWP

  2. I was the last person alive cuz I'm watching on the vents HAHA

  3. Thanks for the VOD Miriaaaa, that was a fun game, especially the last one!! 😂😂

  4. The last one Miria didn't even notice that I died but it a fun twitter space even though I was able to join the last two game

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