Todoroki The Imposter | (Among Us Comic Dub) (My Hero Academia X Among Us Comic Dub) -

Todoroki The Imposter | (Among Us Comic Dub) (My Hero Academia X Among Us Comic Dub)

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Deku, Ochako, Bakugo, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Kaminari play a game of among us and Todoroki gets revenge on Bakugo…

[Made With Permission]

Thanks to Mely/Oniimely for letting me dub their amazing comics for this video they are amazing, go follow them here!

☆Thanks to Kat for playing Ochako Uaraka follow them here:
☆Eijiro Kirishima played byRonald Follow him here:
☆Everyone else: ME 😀

Ronald follow him and his dubs here:

Among Us the animated series is coming super soon, as in a few days and it is looking awesome so far! But in the mean time don’t forget to check out the Among Us Comic Dubs, Godzilla Comic Dubs, My Hero Academia, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future, The Owl House, also there is both SCP Foundation animations and comics coming soon!

Also I am now doing an original Among Us Puppet show as well as the brand new Godzilla Puppet show that is almost in full production, so now that will be out very soon! Also I am going to do Gone Wrong part 5 super soon, and Disarmed Au very very soon!

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  1. I once ran past a body because the map was blocking my view and running is just…easier. Nothing I said could convince my teammates I was innocent.

    They paid for it. 😀

  2. We just gunna pretend that denki didn't do that-

  3. i want more but its the lov if mha fans understands that

  4. “Awh thats so swwrt Kaminari!”
    “Kaminari no-“

  5. Me the first 10 games I played:
    – yey, there's a cup of coffee! Wait I can't drink it? Oh.
    – um, what exactly is it I'm supposed to do?
    – wow, but this ship is really beautifull!
    – why there's a diamond among that leafes? Can I get it out? No? Okay.
    -Someone died? AND IT WAS MY FRIEND? NoOoO!
    – I don't wanna blame anyone!
    forgets what just happened Na na na! Nothing bad ever happens to me! (somehow actually nothing doesn't)
    is the last cremate alive, but didn't notice
    the light's go off goes fix them
    sees someone standing there Oh, you're alredy fixing them! Okay, can I help you somehow?
    get's killed Oh…

  6. Bakugo has anger issues I don’t think he should be thrown into space but it was kind of funny

  7. Ay who has swiped card to many times and now gets it on the first try

  8. You all may be thinking that this is a TodoDeku comic dub, but it truly isn’t. Midoriya’s probably one of Todorooki’s best friends he ever had.

  9. i wish i could commit death, but alas, my grandma would be sad

  10. I love how hes like in sorry but I thought you would kill him he like no I'll cut it for you and he saw the got dang nife

  11. Todoroki: Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill!

    Me: YAS PLZ!

  12. Kirishima: peacefully doing wires

    I get the weird feeling I'm about to die-

  13. To be honest….It's funny when Todoroki tried to get revenge

  14. I thought todoroki is going to kill little broccoli,but the target was bakugou🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Kiri:Nothing bad has never happend to me
    Todoroki: Are u asking for a death wish?

  16. Wait, if Shoto killed Kirishima and Kaminari flushed Crimson out of the ship, DOES THIS MEAN THAT KAMINARI IS ALSO AN IMPOSTOR???!!!!!!!

  17. Kaminari: * makes Kiroshima cry and kills crimson *
    Bakugo: * murders every one in the room

  18. Todoroki when he’s near midoriya:c r e w m a t e
    Just todoroki:I’m gonna do something called a kill you all move

  19. Uraraka: Bakugo did it? Sounds about right. I’m voting Bakugo!
    Me: yaaaa…..of course Bakugo would kill his best buddy Kiri.

  20. 4:34 tododeku shippers have entered the chat XD

    (Btw this is a joke I don’t really ship them)

  21. Dose anyone know that slyvion was at the meeting


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