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MINECRAFT Imposter Role in Among Us… @GameToons Gaming REACTION!

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What’s up YouTube!!
Here is my reaction to MINECRAFT Imposter Role in Among Us…

This is a reaction video. Reaction videos can often be misunderstood. What I am doing on my channel is transforming existing content through the use of editing with many zoom, pan, and fade in effects. I also provide a heavy amount of commentary to make my reaction videos my own. And also a large amount of editing in the both Sony Vegas as well as the software I use located in the link below.

These videos can take anywhere from hours to days to produce with the amount of editing and effort that I put into these videos. I love to produce quality content by transforming other content by reacting to it and using a heavy dose of editing, commentary, as well as my on screen personality.

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What’s up YouTube my name is Cody and welcome to Anything4Reactions. I love anything and everything that deals with video games and movies. On this channel you can expect movie and video game reviews, reactions, and also vlogs about my life as well. Hopefully you are ready to have a lot of fun, many laughs, and some amazing content that I will be making on this channel.

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  1. Anything4reactions that dragon is so op me: SO OP

  2. Creeper: walks

  3. You when you see creeper : OooooOOOooh!!!!!!!

  4. It's pretty obvious they should know what the mobs are

  5. Fun Fact:
    U are not scared of endermen as much as u r scared of creeper XD

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