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I made a GIANT 2PIECE Among Us Amigurumi 🧸

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Hi!! I know we are all obsessed with among us so I made a GIANT 2 piece Among Us Amigurumi!!. I hope you like it! If you like art and crafts don’t forget to subscribe for more ideas and please like this video 😀 byeeee


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  1. Dónde veo la primera parte , alguien sabe?

  2. Mencanta el video pero el juego no a i perdón por l que dije te que do hermoso mencanta


  4. Well I’ll try to make this and send it to u hope u like it

  5. Me in among us:
    Ornage sus
    She's that ornage died in this vid:
    Oh shoot ima get voted out
    Btw its beautiful

  6. Guys, this is not a crewmate this is mini crewmate cuz mini crewmates have circle visor and crewmates/impostors have rectangular visor

  7. Justo lo que buscaba, una niña me pidió este modelo de dos piezas

  8. I made this for my sister she loves it and it is always in her bed❤️

  9. Else tri, esketti enintro á mí primos peonieš espetiacclÿ

  10. What yarn can you use and where can you get a crochet needle ?btw I loveee your vid

  11. I think the thing that's making it look "odd" is that the legs are maybe a few rows too long other than that it's really cool and I kinda wanna make a small one myself after I've finished my project atm

  12. My husband loves among us he’s always voted out 1st lol this is an awesome video and I can’t wait to make one for him

  13. Can u do a video more slow becuase it was to fadt and i could. Not do it

  14. I love this!!!! I am going to try making this. Thanks so much for the video!!!

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