Among Us Horror Trailer | Animated -

Among Us Horror Trailer | Animated

Flash in Rahul
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  1. dude, i love your channel you must get 2 millions subscribers, i love this naimation!!!!

  2. How nightmares are made in among us (oh god I’m scared)

  3. I think the best title for the upcoming Among Us horror movie is "Into the dark side of space"

  4. All cremates are angry we friend is imposter and we pink is very scary
    Kill AAAAAAAAAAAA!! 😫😫😨

  5. 0:26 Does no one congratulate Blue on successfully swiping his card on the first try?

  6. This happens everyday with player who plays Among Us!!

    (Me too) But I don't have time to play Among Us everyday!!!

  7. Nah this more like school 😂 😆 😂 😆 😂 😆 😂 😆 😂 😆 😂 😆 😂

  8. I like your sketching 😀😀😀 I love itttttttt

  9. Why its no horror? ಠ_ಠ

    Like me for smile (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  10. It’s good that green always gets the least violent deaths, the John wick one doesn’t count because green was still alive

  11. this has potential to be a very awesome series


  13. Imposters are just aliens, Black is an alien 😞

  14. All of type horror films are the best and I feel like I'm in a movie watching this

  15. Wow How to Real life Among us i know this man Skin Amonger

  16. dude the one with pink scared the fuck outta me

  17. Видео СЛИШКОМ кровожадное, 👎

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