Among Us but we're the SAME COLOR! -

Among Us but we’re the SAME COLOR!

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This is the most confusing challenge we ever played.
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  1. We must vote or we will be murdered by the gray one-lunar 2020-2021

  2. Is it just me or did my last brain cell just finish watching the video

  3. Can we take a moment of how perfectly they lined up at the start xd

  4. Y'all get nicknames are bomb ps. Dracos sounds like a rapper lil gray

  5. Krew just started video
    Me: who is funneh :')..

  6. “I Pressed The Button”
    -Funneh Lunar 2021 Aug

  7. GrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayGrayandGray

  8. Funneh; ya ya that persons sus
    And wat funneh doesn’t know is that she was the imposter lol!

  9. In seacond round rainbow was NOT Muted i heard her take

  10. We know wish one is funny cus is her vide so we don't know who is who in the other onces

  11. i love how funny was the first one to be the imposter in the vide she was first lol

  12. Gray:guys it’s Gray
    Gray:which Gray
    Gray:dude I think it’s the one who makes the most egg puns and the oldest

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